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> Sports Utility Vehicle vs Minivan
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With fuel costs soaring worldwide, and more consumer awareness of the negative impact of cars on the environment, car manufacturers concentrate their efforts on the production of new full-electric ]]>Utility Vehicles]]> and new hybrid models. 15 Years ago, when you had a large family, you automatically looked to the minivan to fulfill your needs for interior room and cargo space. Today however, for families of 5 or more, another category of vehicle is vying for your bank account: the full-size sport utility vehicle. Both the full-size S.U.V. and the minivan accomplish what their buyers require of them: transport a lot of people with a lot of luggage. So, why is it that most full-size S.U.V. buyers cannot fathom the idea of owning a minivan while minivan owners would often times never be caught dead in a large sport utility vehicle? Are they that different? If so, what are these differences and is one really better than the other or does it come down to personal preference? If your family is getting bigger and you need more space, you need one of these two categories as your next vehicle. But how do you choose which one? Well, I think it would help if we broke down how each vehicle compares in different important categories. So here we go. The average price for a full-size S.U.V. is 41,700$ and all but one vehicle in the category (the Dodge Journey) will be priced above 25,000$. On the other hand, the average price for a minivan is 25400$ and you can get almost any vehicle in the category very well equipped for under 30k. From that, you will know a full-size S.U.V will cost more than a minivan. Of course, full-size S.U.Vs is generally more luxurious than their minivan counterparts. Even companies with a presence in both segments, like Toyota for example, price their full-size S.U.V.s significantly higher than their minivan offering, the Sienna. Plus, full-size S.U.Vs is usually larger and heavier than minivans. They are also very often equipped with bigger, more powerful engines. This translates into higher fuel consumption for full-size S.U.Vs than minivans. The difference is actually notable and averages out to around 4 mpg less for a full-size S.U.V. versus a minivan. Of course, this average factor’s in ALL full-size sport utility vehicles and ALL minivans, which does not provide a completely accurate picture since luxury full-size s.u.v.s usually, have significantly bigger engines than other full-size s.u.v.s from American or Japanese manufacturers. Still, expect to pay more for gas in a full-size S.U.V. It must be mentioned that the full-size utility vehicles segment provides consumers with Hybrid vehicles, something not found in the minivan segment. If you are interested in a Hybrid and need a lot of space, you have a lot of choices in the full-size S.U.V category. Of course, a Hybrid engine does not come cheap. So a full-size S.U.V will consume more fuel than a minivan. In the comfort department, it is important to separate the main-stream from the luxury. Both categories provide very comfortable vehicles that are great for long road-trips. If you compare for example the Nissan Quest to the Nissan Armada, you would be hard-pressed to say which one is more comfortable. They both are! However, no minivan can compare to the comfort and soothing drive of a Cadillac Escalade, Lexus LX570, Mercedes GL-class, Toyota Landcruiser, or Volvo XC90 just to name a few. Again, these come with a hefty price tag but if you have a big budget and are looking for comfort, you will find your fix in the full-size sport utility vehicle segment. Therefore, minivans offer slightly less interior space and while comfortable, cannot match upscale full-size S.U.V. Anyway, minivan is a little better than S.U.V from the above analysis. It is not so that. There are still many people loving the Sports Utility Vehicle. Source: www.marshell.net
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